Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Just got this email from our NVR officer:

"I have the clear to close from underwriting-yeah! I have your file with closing dept now and will update you as soon as possible on closing #’s. Hope you are finished packing….! :)"

now just 9 days to wait!

Monday, December 17, 2012


We are a week and a half away!  YIPEE!!  I have to say, we are so impresses with our PM.  Every issue, big or small, he is on in immediately.

BIG:  My husband stopped by the house yesterday and found a pool of water on the floor of the mater closet - he texted our PM who immediately called him back, explained how to turn off the water to the house, and called the plummer who was over first thing this morning.  (Still waiting to here what was going on...)

SMALL:  I wanted the rods in our bedroom closets hung higher than normal so that we could hang a second rod below for more storage.  When we stopped by this weekend, they were hung at the standard height.  A quick text to our PM asking what was up - and within a few hours, the closet people were on the phone with me asking to explain what I wanted so they could redo them this week!

In fun news, I think we picked out or color scheme!  We are going to have a lot of the house painted immediately by a family member who is a painter..  and being sure to save paint for touchups.  They say "wait a year"... but I am SO not a white-wall person!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Finally some pictures!

less than three weeks until we close!

brick: Sugar Creek Maple / siding: Stone Mountain Clay

White spindle banister at bottom and top of steps (not stained yet)

 "Dining Room" - that will actually be a living room/office for us...  (with our linen closet door, haha)

 Family Room - with our our "study" doorway flipped - the door is worng, but the correct one is in the garage waiting to be installed.  They forgot to order the correct glass panel door with the hinges flipped since we flipped the location.

 Kitchen - Cherry Bordeaux cabinets with crown molding / Butter Rum counter tops.  Apparently we got an extra 3" of overhang on our ledge into the morning room because of some plumbing issue.

Morning Room - with the pile-o-crud cleared in the back yard!

Mud Room / Garage Door... I may ask them to leave that sign up! haha

Master shower - color is off a bit - Tile: Fidenza FD02 / Listello: SA545/8

Double vanity is taller than our double vanity in the hall bath, which I found odd... but maybe that's normal?

If anyone wants a picture of anything in particular just let me know!  We have electricity now, so pictures in the evenings will be much easier :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Long time no blog!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the complete disappearance act... things have gotten busy, and with the time change - our picture taking moments have been sparse!  Here is an exterior picture from this past weekend:

Elevation B, Brick: Sugar Creek, Siding: Stone Mountain Clay, Shutters: Black

Inside we have our hard surface floors (wood, ceramic, and vinyl), cabinets, and they are starting the trim.  We are going over this weekend during good daylight hours so I hope to get some interior shots!

NVR so far, has veen a dream - we just sent them all the paper work for our closing - and have that scheduled for December 27th!  THREE more weeks!!!!

We have had only minor issues with the building process and they have all been quickly resolved...

• The brush area outside of our morning was cleared, we just showed up for a visit and it wsa gone!  Score!

• Our linen closet in the upstairs laundry room was dry-walled over... they had it fixed in a day

• A heating vent in one of the bedrooms seems to be covered - they are checking that out today, I'll update you - but question - are your heating vents on the ceiling or in the floor?

Thanks for all the comments checking up on us - this process is flying by, and Ill update Monday with interior pictures! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

It looks like a house!

Our House!
We drove by yesterday and got this shot... sorry it's just a phone pic - I hope to get over with the camera this week!  We are making progress!!!!!!!!

Also, we just locked in our interest rate!  EEK!  My husband did  a lot of research with rates and elections and decided locking in pre-election was the way to go... it makes it seem so real now :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Floor Framed!

Time to catch-up!  These were taken on Sunday, it was such a lovely day can't you tell? 

Our PM called Friday afternoon for our weekly call and said that the first floor framing was going up as he spoke, and that they would be working on it Saturday as well - we drove by Saturday and yup, a whole crew was there!  (So we went back Sunday for picture time, haha)

I drove by yesterday and we had a second floor!  I didn't have my camera, but hope to get some pics today :)






Friday, October 19, 2012

A good foundation

Sorry for the lack of posts - we've been busy.  As of the last post, we have been waterproofed and back-filled... our PM said they are pouring the basement and garage slab today!  We have also met one set of next-door neighbors who seem SO nice, and the people across the street who have twins our sons age! We are really excited about the NEIGHBORHOOD as much as we are about the house!

Our only concern, that my husband is asking our PM on their weekly call today is this:  There is no water-proofing material around the garage foundation - is this correct?  A problem?

view from across the street

view from front-left

a look inside the foundation

view from back-left



Friday, October 12, 2012


We got 'em.

Also of note - there was a HUGE dead tree on the back corner of our neighbor's lot.  Like 2 inches from our property line, so not our to take down but our to look at.  The same guys that cleared our lot were taking down the ugly tree yesterday - apparently our neighbors jumped on the opportunity to have it taken out and we are loving that! (a. it means they care about their yard, b. it means we don't have to look at an ugly dead tree forever.)


Ok - so the photo above is the small area of brush that Ryan refused to clear, but will be off of our morning room.  Really?  You cleared 95%, you can't clear this last 2' section?!  Rawr.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There is a big hole.

sorry for the awful cellphone pics... I was solo with a screming toddler who wanted to climb on the "TRUUUUUCK!" so I snapped and drove on...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cleared for take off..

We were supposed to break ground Thursday... then Friday...  then Monday... yeah, drove by last night (and every night checking) not sure what's up.  Here is a pic of the (semi)cleared lot since I can't show you a picture of our big hole yet!

In semi-related news, we did find out our loan was approved yesterday!  Knock-on-wood... but we've had a great experience with NVR so far!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Well, we've reached our first snafu and we haven't even technically broken ground..  They cleared our lot, and my husband I went to check out the progress last night.  We didn't take pictures, because, well, we assumed they were not finished.  The brush area was cleared about 75%.

Our PM just called, and said they WERE done clearing but they left a tree to the right of our lot they would like to take down after review since it's the only big tree there.  I agreed with that - but not with the fact that they think that little 4' x 2' cluster of brush is ok just chilling right outside of our morning room.  If it was trees, ok, but it's weeds and brush - nothing pretty.  Rawr.

Husband is on the phone with the 'clearing' company now to see how much they will charge us to take that clump-o-crap out.

Am I over reacting? 

from the front

from the back

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guardian - TV Placement?

We need help... we can't decide which wall we will be putting our television on in the family room and need to tell Guardian where we want our cable jack.  (We are not mounting it)

OPTION 1:  If we put it on the "back" wall (the wall that is shared with the office) you would be able to see if from the kitchen the easiest - BUT we would have to arrange our furniture in a less "open" scheme:

OPTION 2: If we but it on the "side" wall (the wall with the windows) the furniture lays out a little better (very low profile furniture so the windows would not be blocked), and you may be able to see it from the morning room - BUT I doubt I could see it while in the kitchen and would the glare from the windows be too much?

Thoughts?  How did you decide?  Help!

EDIT: RickandNadase, like this?:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pre-Construction Pics

Our lot, with the four corners of the house staked and the sold sign up!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


You can find a detailed list of our selections in the 'Selections' tab... but here are some really bad pictures of what we are getting (stupid cell phone pics...)

Kitchen Cabinets: Tahoe Cherry Bordeaux
Countertop: Butter Rum
Hardwood Floor: Manchester Strip - Gunstock
Downstairs Carpet: Cashew
Banister Stain: Chestnut

Hall Bath vanity: Fairfield Oak Honey
Hall bath floor: Initiator 66180
Upstairs Carpet: Cashew (this is probably the best picture of the color)

Master Bath vanities: Fairfield Oak Honey Vanities
Master Bath 5' Shower
Ceramic on floor and wall: Fidenza FD02
Listello Mosaic: SA545/8
Upstairs Carpet: Cashew

Brick: Sugar Creek


My husband and I are building a Palermo with Ryan Homes... I have found so much information looking at other blogs written by other Ryan consumers.  BUT with the Palermo being SO new, there was hardly any specific info.  I hope some insight into our journey helps!