Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guardian - TV Placement?

We need help... we can't decide which wall we will be putting our television on in the family room and need to tell Guardian where we want our cable jack.  (We are not mounting it)

OPTION 1:  If we put it on the "back" wall (the wall that is shared with the office) you would be able to see if from the kitchen the easiest - BUT we would have to arrange our furniture in a less "open" scheme:

OPTION 2: If we but it on the "side" wall (the wall with the windows) the furniture lays out a little better (very low profile furniture so the windows would not be blocked), and you may be able to see it from the morning room - BUT I doubt I could see it while in the kitchen and would the glare from the windows be too much?

Thoughts?  How did you decide?  Help!

EDIT: RickandNadase, like this?:


  1. Hi Teresa, the first question that comes to my mind is what do you REALLY want?? If you really want to be able to view the television while in the kitchen, option #1 is your best option.

    IMO, if this were my house, I would choose option #1 for the following reasons: you can view the television from the kitchen, there is a direct, unobstructed pathway to the office and I would put the chaise from the sectional on the same side it's located in the drawing from option #2. Once it is placed on the other side, I would center the sectional between the two back tables or keep the one table and center it behind the sectional and you would still have the open scheme. Lastly, if someone is watching the television with option #2 set up and someone decides to head to the office, they will always block the view momentarily.

    1. Okay, Teresa, you work fast!! lol The edited layout is cute too! I guess I did not describe it well. Okay, see where you have the chaise in option #1, take only the chaise and move it to the other end of the sectional. Do not move the sectional's layout. Once you do that, than do one of two things: center the sectional against the two tables or take one table out and center it between the sectional.

  2. Hi Teresa! I think Option #1 is your best option if you want to view the TV from the kitchen. We are going to put our TV on the wall between the two windows (where you have your couch in option #2). From our location, it doesn't look like you would be able to see the TV from the kitchen, so it probably wouldn't work for you. Whichever option you decide, they both look great to me! :-)

  3. Did you get the fireplace? We opted out of the Fireplace and will put our TV on the wall closest to the foyer (opposite the wall with windows). I think that's your option 2. We are going to hang the tv on one of those swivel type brackets so that we could turn it towards the kitchen when we want to. So I say, Option 2!

    P.S I love that you moved the office door to the opposite end of the wall.