Thursday, October 4, 2012


Well, we've reached our first snafu and we haven't even technically broken ground..  They cleared our lot, and my husband I went to check out the progress last night.  We didn't take pictures, because, well, we assumed they were not finished.  The brush area was cleared about 75%.

Our PM just called, and said they WERE done clearing but they left a tree to the right of our lot they would like to take down after review since it's the only big tree there.  I agreed with that - but not with the fact that they think that little 4' x 2' cluster of brush is ok just chilling right outside of our morning room.  If it was trees, ok, but it's weeds and brush - nothing pretty.  Rawr.

Husband is on the phone with the 'clearing' company now to see how much they will charge us to take that clump-o-crap out.

Am I over reacting? 

from the front

from the back


  1. You are not over reacting! I would be firm with Ryan and to tell them to do it!

  2. No. Ask for what you want. You will feel better if you DID! AND worst if you didn't!

  3. Our PM said no - I just emailed our SR, not sure if he has any pull but I thought it was worth a shot. Quite frankly, I don't know how all the crap won't be in their way during construction!

  4. Teresa, I can see the comments blog where you asked the question but I have no idea what's happening to your blog. When I click on your name I get the google circles not your blog! When you asked your PM did he tell you why they couldn't oblige your request. Is the location of the bushes outside of your property line? If, so this may be the reason why and you may also have to check with your HOA in your community if they have a local company they work with and whether or not the bushes can be moved. Did your husband get any information from the clearing company?

    1. I deleted it because I figured out what was wrong - our SR emailed back say no-go too. That the area in question does not need o be cleared for them to build the home so they will not clear it. We will see when they start digging on Monday :/